Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need a website today! Can you help?
Yes. We can register a domain name on your behalf, set up web hosting, and have a one-page website designed and up and running in just a matter of hours!

2. How long does it take to make a website?
A typical 2-4 page website can be made in a day or two.

3. Is email included?
Yes. All web design/hosting packages include POP3 /SMTP email if required.

4. Is a deposit required?
No. Payment isn't due until the project is completed to your full satisfaction. We have never asked for a deposit since launching our web design business in 2000.

5. Do you take PayPal/Credit Cards?
Yes. Payment can be made with PayPal or a Credit Card, via PayPal. We also take payment by cheque or BACS.

6. Do you sub-out work?
No, never! By keeping the entire project 'in house', from the initial design and layout, to the web form code, we know your website inside out.

7. Why are you such good value?
A few years ago we could have expanded, taken on an additional web designer, hired an office, become VAT registered, and so on. But we would have had to double our prices to cover the additional overhead. We would have also lost the very personal service that we know makes all the difference.

8. Can you make my current website 'mobile-friendly'?
Yes, but unfortunately there isn't a magic button that can be pressed to make it happen. It does mean starting from scratch more or less. The design and layout won't be identical, but it is possible to take your current text and images and use them to design a mobile-friendly website.

9. Can you help me with the wording?
Yes, we enjoy copywriting and can help with copy for your site.

10. Can you provide photos and images?
Yes, we can source suitable images for your website. Some may be copyright free and others may need to be purchased from a photo library. We can also scan your images up to A3 on our Epson flatbed scanner, and take photos using Nikon SLRs.

11. Who owns the copyright to my website?
You do! When we design a website for you it belongs to you.

12. Who owns the Domain Name?
You do! When we register a Domain Name it is registered to you, in your name.

13. Can I transfer my current Domain Name to you, so that it can be used with my new mobile-friendly website?
Yes, transfers are straightforward. Please contact us for details.

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