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3. Valid characters: "a to z" "1 to 10" and "-"

4. If a Domain Name is available it may be ordered immediately via our online order form.

5. Please also see our price list and notes regarding domain names below.

Domain Name Registration Price List: 8.99 inc. per year

.com 12.99 inc. per year

.net 17.99 inc. per year
.biz 17.99 inc. per year
.info 17.99 inc. per year 12.99 inc. per year 12.99 inc. per year

Services Price List:

Website hosting from 4.99 inc. per month. See Website Hosting.

Website forwarding 19.99 inc. per year (not needed with hosting).

Website design 60.00 per hour.

POP3 Email accounts 19.99 per year (free with web hosting) About POP3 Click Here.

WebMail accounts 1.49 per month (free with the 'Plus' and 'Pro' hosting packages). About WebMail Click Here.

Web Form processing 40.00 per year (free with hosting) email for details.

Domain name 'transfer in' no charge.

Domain name 'transfer out' no charge.

Please Note:

Domain names can no longer be ordered "on their own" - 'Web Hosting' an 'Email Only Account' or 'Web Forwarding' must be ordered together with a domain name.

To transfer in your current domain name for web hosting email for details.

Web redirection/forwarding is not recommended for search engine success. See Glossary.

All domain names are registered and invoiced in 2 year periods.

All domain name registrations are handled by our agents. Orders are actioned immediately.

DNS and nameserver modifications for domain names registered through us - not offered (however, there is no charge to transfer a domain name 'in' or 'out').

Our Terms & Conditions Click Here.

Why register a Domain Name?

A professional presence

Internet Service Providers often include free web space as part of a package - but the URL can be awkward. (For example: By registering your own domain name you'll project a professional image that tells customers you are serious about your business, and you'll be able to use the name for your email as well. If we host your site it will be free of annoying "advertising banners" and "pop-up advertisements" and search engines will be able to index your site under its actual name.

Peace of mind

If you've ever had to email business contacts to tell them that you've just changed your email address (perhaps because you've moved to a new Internet Service Provider, or upgraded to Broadband) you'll soon appreciate the sense that it makes to own your own domain name. Never again will you have to send out a "change of address" notification. Domains are renewed every two years and renewal notices are issued in advance. Once you've registered a domain name you will have a unique website and email address for life.

Secure your name

The longer you wait to register a domain name, the more chance there is that it won't be available in the future! If the name that you want is available then it is sensible to register it straight away. Please note: Names can only be ordered together with a main service such as 'Web Hosting' 'Web Forwarding' or an 'Email Only Account'.